Charities In Berks County, PA

Are you weighing the charities in Berks County, PA, in anticipation of donating your money, time, or items? Allow the team at Opportunity House to present our organization as worthy of your goodwill. 

Charities In Berks County, PAOpportunity House, for nearly four decades, has provided emergency shelter to the area’s homeless population. From shelter and living essentials to case management, supportive services, and transitional to permanent housing, we offer a broad spectrum of assistance to help the homeless secure and sustain stable housing. 

As you vet the various charities in the area, click here to view the financials of Opportunity House for the past three years.

At Opportunity House, we offer much more than shelter. From help securing identification and licensing to access to medical care, mental health care, addiction treatment, job training, education assistance, life skills, and more, the situations faced by homeless individuals vary, as do the services required. Residents receive three meals and a snack daily, access to laundry facilities and showers, and case management to identify housing obstacles and provide access to solutions.

The Second Street Learning Center, in particular, offers early childhood education and child care so that residents with young children can attend classes or training and locate employment. This Keystone 4-Star Learning Center accepts children ages six weeks to 13 years of age. Our programs include those for infant, toddler, preschool, and school-age children and summer camp programs. About 200 children participate in our programs each year.

Supporting the Work of Opportunity House

Opportunity House’s multiple avenues of assistance for the homeless community demand a plethora of resources to fund them – financial and otherwise. We welcome the financial support of community members, companies, and grant providers; provision of supplies for the shelter and gently used items for resale at OppShop; and volunteer service at the emergency shelter, thrift store, or on one of the fundraising event committees.

Financial gifts can be made online, by mail, in person, or by attending a fundraiser event like Wine, Women, and Shoes; the annual golf event; or the Souper Bowl. 

Shelter supplies may also be donated. We request that all these donated items be in new condition, including toiletries, linens, laundry soap, bladder control and feminine hygiene supplies, bottled water, and more. Reach out to us at (610) 374-4696 for a current list of the shelter’s needs. 

If you need a reason to support the work of Opportunity House, consider a few specific ones:

  • Help the Community – We offer support for the homeless population of Berks County, affordable goods at our retail thrift store OppShop, and early childhood education for members of the community at the Second Street Learning Center.
  • Exercise Compassion – When we show compassion for others, we develop empathy and experience elevated feelings of contentment with our community and ourselves. If you’re experiencing depression in an uncontrollable world, extend some of your efforts toward helping others, and you’ll be surprised by the results.
  • Pay Fewer Taxes – Opportunity House can provide you with the requisite paperwork that you’ll need to claim donations as a tax deduction. We are a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt nonprofit.

Opportunity House deserves consideration if you’re searching for the best charities for contributions in Berks County, PA. To make a financial donation today, click here