Furniture Thrift Store Reading, PA

Thrift your furniture purchases from OppShop in Reading, PA, to save money and further the mission of Opportunity House, the top homeless shelter in the area. We offer good quality, low prices, and purchase satisfaction.

Furniture Thrift Store Reading, PAFurniture is expensive. Why spend more than you need to for quality pieces? Used furniture pieces at OppShop are screened for quality, cleanliness, and even style. We don’t stock outdated pieces or dirty, stained, or torn items.

Why Thrift for Furniture

Financial Savings

After paying bills, what’s left can be spent in better ways than on new furniture when items of such good quality are available at OppShop.

Environmental Good

According to the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, over 9 million tons of furniture alone go into landfills annually. Today’s furniture materials prevent fast decomposition, so these units waste away in landfills as the mountain of trash grows. 

As furniture has become easier to manufacture, buyers discard and replace pieces as quickly as trends come and go. The result is tons of sturdy, functional pieces left in the landfill or, hopefully, in second-hand shops like OppShop, where you can find good deals.

Invest in Quality

The furniture we accept at OppShop has solid bones and quality materials. When you purchase from us, you may decide to make some changes to the pieces with a bit of paint or new hardware, and you’ll still come out on the profitable side of the balance sheet. 

Full-Home Furnishing

From the bedroom to the living room, dining room, and office, you can find almost every type of furniture you need at OppShop. See our wide selection, including dining sets, china cabinets, chests of drawers, bed frames, end and coffee tables, recliners, sofas, and sectionals.

Help the Community

Opportunity House is an emergency homeless shelter that provides refuge and supportive services to men, women, and children throughout the area. We strive to help homeless individuals and families overcome obstacles to securing and keeping housing.

OppShop is a premier provider of thrift store services in Berks County. We accept donations of gently used items and resell them for the benefit of Opportunity House. Even if donations don’t sell, they don’t go to the landfill; we recycle them through our warehouse. 

The thrift store serves a few functions. Not only do all proceeds go toward the shelter’s mission, but we also allow shelter residents to “shop” with a voucher system to ensure that their clothes best suit their needs. 

Within the inventory of OppShop, you’ll find clothing for the entire family, media of all types (CDs, DVDs) in their original cases, books, kitchen tools, dishes, cutlery, cookware, holiday decor, furniture, jewelry, flatscreen TVs, purses, shoes, and toys. You will not find building supplies, carpets, tires, chemicals, old electronics, infant and toddler furniture, office chairs, or any stained and worn items.

The OppShop thrift store in Reading, PA, offers an impressive selection of furniture. If you’d like to shop or donate, please choose us. If you need help from Opportunity House, call 610-374-4696 ext 247 or follow this link to contact us online.