Homeless Shelters Near Sinking Spring, PA

Opportunity House is the foremost of the homeless shelters near Sinking Spring, PA. We operate 24/7/365, providing emergency shelter and supportive services to homeless men, women, and children in the area.

Services Offered by Opportunity House

Homeless Shelters Near Sinking Spring, PAThe efforts of Opportunity House extend to over 500 members of the homeless population each year. We offer the following services to our residents:

  • 24-hour emergency shelter
  • Three meals and a snack daily
  • Shower facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Welcome kit, including toiletries and self-care items
  • Needed apparel
  • Case management for targeted supportive services:
    • Assistance gaining ID and licensing
    • Medical care
    • Access to drug and alcohol rehab
    • Educational assistance
    • Job and life skills training
    • Child care
    • Transitional and permanent housing.

Opportunity House operates the Second Street Learning Center as well. This Keystone 4-Star Learning Center provides services to children aged six weeks to 13 years of age. The programs offered include those for infants, toddlers, preschool, PreK Counts, and school-age children. This center serves about 200 children annually, including those residing at Opportunity House. 

The Reuse/Recycle Program

This program relies on the OppShop thrift store and our warehouse. The operations of the thrift store benefit the work of Opportunity House, and the merchandise that doesn’t sell in the thrift store or our outlet sales is routed through partnering recyclers. We recycle about 1,000,000 pounds of goods every single year.

Assist with the Work of Opportunity House

The extension of the mission of Opportunity House requires a wide range of support – financial and human. We receive support from public grants, corporations, organizations, and individuals. These donations can be made online on a one-time or monthly basis, by mailing your check through the postal system, or by attending an annual fundraiser, of which we host many. Fundraisers that we host each year include:

  • Souper Bowl
  • Wine, Women, and Shoes
  • Golf Event
  • Garden Party Celebration

Donations to Opportunity House can be made in the name of another, in remembrance or in honor of someone or in honor of a milestone event, or anonymously if you choose.

Donations of time are as important to us as monetary gifts. We can’t do our work as well without it. The prescribed volunteer roles we offer regularly range from preparing and serving a meal at the shelter to serving on a fundraiser committee or working at OppShop.

The basics of self-care and clothing are regularly needed. For instance, we urgently need underwear for men, women, and children; socks; and sports bras at all times. Additional needs include bottled water, hygiene and bathing products, linens, bladder control and feminine hygiene products, and baby products. The work of Opportunity House also relies on the donation of new and unused items that we routinely need for residents. 

We also welcome donations of lightly used clothing, media, household products, books, furniture, and more to OppShop, the thrift store operated by Opportunity House. The donation center can be found behind the thrift store; we have fourteen donation bins scattered throughout the county, and we will collect large furniture pieces from donors’ homes. The proceeds from the thrift store support the work of the shelter.

Whether you require the services of homeless shelters near Sinking Spring, PA, or want to donate time, items, or money, choose Opportunity House. If you need help today, click here or call (610) 374-4696 ext 247 after 4:00 pm during the week and on the weekends.