Resources for Homeless Veterans Near Sinking Spring PA

Veterans, having made incredible sacrifices for their country’s security, shouldn’t find themselves without a place to live. Unfortunately, they often do. Opportunity House offers resources for homeless Veterans near Sinking Spring, PA, including emergency shelter and housing support.

Veterans and Homelessness

Resources for Homeless Veterans Near Sinking Spring PA

The issue of homeless veterans continues to be a significant problem.  Veterans may be at more risk than the general population of becoming homeless, often because of mental and physical health issues triggered by service, PTSD,  and the difficulty of transitioning to regular life after their service.

Not surprisingly, Veterans of color are often at a greater risk of becoming homeless. In recent years, efforts by the government and community have decreased the number of homeless Veterans, but they still experience homelessness much more than they should.

As much progress has been made in reducing the number of homeless Veterans, experts worry that the pandemic and ensuing economic difficulties may cause a resurgence of the problem. This may impact those already marginalized, including disabled and older Veterans.

The Journey Out of Homelessness with Opportunity House

At Opportunity House, homeless Veterans, single men and women, and families with children find emergency shelter. The emergency shelter provides the following:

  • 24/7/365 shelter
  • Three meals/day, plus a snack
  • Shower and laundry access
  • Essentials
  • Case management and support to achieve lasting and stable housing

We also offer Housing Support for clients, including transitional and permanent housing units.

Support the Mission of Opportunity House

The work of Opportunity House requires resources, and we rely on a range of funding sources to continue serving the homeless. We welcome your support, from financial contributions to donations of time and items.

Financial Support – Monetary gifts are one of the best ways to support our work directly. Whether you send a check, pay online, or participate in one of our annual fundraising events, we’re grateful for every bit of support received, and we strive to focus every cent on eliminating homelessness and its causes within our community.

Item Donation – In addition to financial support, we request donations of two specific categories of items:

  • New, unused products for the emergency shelter
    • Undergarments for men and women
      • Underwear
      • Undershirts
      • Sports bras
      • Socks
    • Toiletries
      • Shampoo and conditioner
      • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
      • Hairbrushes and combs
      • Soaps
      • Lotions
      • Nail Clippers
      • Washcloths and towels
      • Bedding sheets and pillowcases
      • Feminine hygiene products
      • Bladder control products
    • Laundry detergent
    • Cold weather clothing
      • Coats
      • Caps
      • Gloves
      • Long sleeve shirts
      • Sweatshirts
      • Sweatpants
      • Yoga pants
      • Winter boots
    • Baby essentials
      • Diapers and wipes
      • Rash cream
      • Baby food
      • Formula
      • Bottles
    • Bottled water
  • Gently used, saleable items for the OppShop thrift store (drop off at the rear of the store or one of our drop-off bins in the community, or call for a pickup service for larger items).
    • Acceptable items for donation
      • Clothing articles for men, women, and children
      • Media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray)
      • Cookware and utensils
      • Dishware and cutlery
      • Holiday items
      • Furniture
      • Jewelry
      • Flat screen TVs
      • Purses and bags
      • Shoes
      • Toys
    • Unacceptable items for donation
      • Chemicals
      • Older model console TVs and stereos
      • Copy machines
      • Building supplies
      • Infant and toddler furniture
      • Computer monitors
      • Office chairs with fewer than five wheels
      • Carpets
      • Tires

Time Donation – Volunteer opportunities abound at Opportunity House. We’re always looking for individuals and groups interested in preparing and serving meals, volunteering on committees for planning and hosting fundraising events, putting together welcome kits, giving a day of service, or sorting goods and greeting customers at OppShop.

Opportunity House offers resources for homeless Veterans near Sinking Spring, PA. If you’re experiencing homelessness as a Veteran or otherwise, please reach out today by clicking here.