Resources for Homeless Veterans Near Wyomissing PA

The resources available at Opportunity House serve the needs of homeless Veterans near Wyomissing, PA.

The Problem of Veteran Homelessness

Resources for Homeless Veterans Near Wyomissing PAPTSD, disability, and the difficulty of transitioning into civilian life after military service help explain the substantial number of homeless Veterans. When the skills learned during service aren’t usable in the civilian workforce, former soldiers can find it difficult to secure quality employment. These issues, along with a lack of affordable housing, mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse, and a poor support system, put Veterans at significant risk of experiencing homelessness and finding it challenging to achieve long-term, stable housing.

The VA, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, reports that most homeless Veterans are single males with multiple issues, including mental illness, substance abuse, etc. Sadly, about one-third of the entire US adult homeless population once served in the military.

As you can imagine, homeless Veterans require a wealth of services, depending on the challenges they face. Safe and secure shelter, nutritious food, physical and mental health care, life skills development, and other support services can provide the foundation needed to overcome homelessness.

Services from Opportunity House

Opportunity House serves the homeless of Berks County, PA, including Veterans, with services designed to help them achieve sustained and stable housing.

The Opportunity House Emergency Shelter, founded in 1984, operates around the clock, providing shelter 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Every year, we serve about 500 homeless clients. In addition to homeless Veterans, we assist men, women, and families with children.

The shelter provides a welcome kit packed with toiletries and other living essentials when clients arrive. While here, residents receive shelter, three meals and a snack daily, and access to shower and laundry facilities.

Beyond the basics of living, we provide clients with a hand-up to help them find housing on a long-term basis. Each client has a case manager, and we offer services ranging from help securing identification, medical care and addiction services.

Transitional and permanent housing support from Opportunity House help our clients on an ongoing basis for sustained, lasting housing.

How to Help Opportunity House Help Veterans

The vital work we do for homeless Veterans comes with a high cost, and we accept help from multiple sources to get it done. If you’d like to give, we’ll gratefully accept donations of money or time.

Would you like to offer a financial gift? You can do so on a one-time or recurring basis, arranged quickly through our website. We also welcome checks and cash donations.

If you lack the financial ability to donate or want to do more, consider donating your time!

You may serve in any of the following modes:

  • Prepare and serve a meal;
  • Serve on a committee for a fundraising event;
  • Plan a day of service;
  • Work at the OppShop;
  • Tend the Community Garden;
  • And more.

We will customize a plan for your service to suit your schedule and preferences.

Homeless Veterans near Wyomissing, PA, will find resources and comfort at Opportunity House at 430 North Second Street in Reading, Pennsylvania. Click here to contact us if you need shelter today.