Thrift Store Donations Reading, PA

OppShop in Reading, PA, is a thrift store with a mission of supporting the work of Opportunity House, and we accept donations of gently used items to sell in this retail location. The proceeds from the thrift store’s endeavors support the shelter’s mission. 

Thrift Store Donations Reading, PAOpportunity House is an emergency shelter for the homeless citizens of Berks County. Founded in 1984, we offer refuge from exposure to inclement weather and other hazards. In addition to a place to rest, we provide three meals and a snack daily, shower and laundry facilities access, and case management to provide targeted supportive services. 

In terms of services, we strive to ensure that residents receive whatever assistance they require relative to mental health services, medical treatment, drug and alcohol rehab, child care, academic support, etc. We also offer transitional and permanent housing units for residents to secure and maintain permanent housing. 

The Opportunity House emergency shelter, Second Street Learning Center, OppShop, and community garden all work to benefit the homeless population.

Why Donate to OppShop?

Donations to OppShop promote the work of Opportunity House. In addition to all the profits directed toward the shelter’s mission, the inventory allows clients to select their own attire based on their specific needs.

Provide Used Goods with a Second Life

We all need to purge our possessions from time to time. Why throw away perfectly good items as we buy new clothes, dishes, books, and furnishings? By donating the used items to OppShop, you’ll avoid overwhelming your home with too much stuff without the guilt of throwing away usable things.

Help the Community

OppShop thrift store donations help the homeless shelter Opportunity House, but they also help the community at large. Frugal shoppers can buy gently used clothing, household goods, furniture, books, and media. 

Reduce the Environmental Impact

Donating used items instead of sending them to the landfill reduces your carbon footprint and that of the person who buys the product. When goods are reused or recycled, you avoid using resources that would be spent to manufacture new items. 

Secure a Tax Donation

Donations of items to OppShop are tax deductible since we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Request documentation of your gift during drop-off and check with your tax professional regarding the tax benefit.

How can I donate to OppShop?

OppShop donations can be made using several measures:

  • Drop off at the OppShop donation center Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00-6:00
  • Drop off at our bins throughout Berks County
  • Schedule a pick-up at your home for bulky items like furniture.

Please bear in mind that we need items that we can resell. Dirty, broken, torn, or worn items are inappropriate for our thrift store shelves and will take money away from Opportunity House. 

Please keep the surrounding area clean. When you use the drop-off bins for donations, be sure the things go into the bins, not around them. The containers are appropriate for donating items that will fit in a grocery-sized bag, like clothes, shoes, books, and media.

What can I donate to OppShop?

Types of items that we accept as donations include:

  • Craft and hobby items
  • Books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, etc. 
  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing
  • Belts and shoes
  • Small working electronics
  • Kitchenware – utensils, cutlery, cookware, dishes
  • Purses, hats, jewelry
  • Seasonal and holiday items
  • Furniture
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys, blocks, stuffed animals

We can’t accept the following:

  • Chemicals
  • Older model TVs, stereos, copy machines, computer monitors
  • Building supplies
  • Infant and toddler furniture
  • Carpets
  • Tires
  • Office chairs

The donations you provide for resale at OppShop thrift store in Reading, PA, will support the community and the mission of Opportunity House.