Bibliophiles Welcome at OppShop For Great Books and Unique Finds

Bibliophile a person who collects or has a great love of books.

Sandy Moyer certainly meets that description. A loyal OppShopper, Sandy enjoys spending time in the used books section of OppShop. “I like the way they have the books separated by genre,” she noted. This retired  elementary school teacher enjoys reading fiction. There’s always something on the shelves that piques her curiosity.

She recently purchased a coffee table book about fabrics and used it to create colorful gift bags for friends. “The book hasOppShop beautiful photos. I enjoy cutting out the pictures and adding decorative trim or other items to give the bags dimension and increase the visual interest,” she added. Her flair for design, color and texture are evident in her creations.

She enjoys strolling around the store and seeing items that speak to her artistic sensibilities. Her home is decorated with some items from OppShop. Her most treasured finds include an Oriental tea set, dolls, and a decorative box. Sandy uses her artistic talents to repurpose and refurbish finds that need additional care. “I will repaint items to fit my taste or take apart items to use for different projects,” added Sandy.

Sandy’s eclectic taste includes art deco, indigenous art, and contemporary art “I buy things that bring me joy,” added this former teacher. “I enjoy collecting things that are new to me and I enjoy creating new things from old items,” she noted.

When we asked Sandy why she visits OppShop, she’s quick to note that “The staff is friendly, and the store is always clean. It’s easy to browse and there are always new things to see, she added.

A self-described thrifter and crafter, Sandy considers OppShop a go-to place for those looking for somethingOppShop Finds unique and interesting. “You never know what you will find and what it will inspire you to create,” she noted.

OppShop is located at 3045 5th Street Highway in Reading. The hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.   The OppShop donation center, located at the rear of the building, is open during store hours.  We accept donations of gently used clothing, shoes, belts, books, housewares, knick knacks and media.  All proceeds from the sales at OppShop provide support for the programs and services at Opportunity House.

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