Client Success Profile – Timmica Alexander

Timmica Alexander

Success Story: Timmica Alexander

Timmica Alexander, mother of five, currently works at the Warehouse for OppShop. Alexander currently resides in a transitional housing unit across the street from Opportunity House. Alexander said, “[Opportunity House] helped me get back on my feet, I lost everything. It helped me financially, mentally, and physically. It gave me a fresh start.” Timmica is always on board to help out at OppShop, the warehouse, and of course her friends. Timmica’s advice to anyone going through a struggle is to “Never give up.”

While at Opportunity House, Alexander was grateful for all of the experiences that she was given. Alexander said, “I took a lot of things for granted. I didn’t save up like I should have, I didn’t worry about myself enough.” Alexander noted that though some of the problems were hers, she did not want her children to suffer because of them. Some of the services that Opportunity House offered Alexander that served to be most beneficial to her and her family included shelter, employment, meals , and affordable housing.

Alexander did not picture herself at Opportunity House years ago, ultimately though, she made a choice that would best serve herself and her children. “I was in a bad relationship, and it was ten years of craziness. I had a house and everything when I was with him. But I had to do what was best for my kids and leave.” She stayed at friends’ houses temporarily before coming to Opportunity House. Alexander said, “I’d heard of Opportunity House, and different people that went through the process, so I figured I would give it a try.” Alexander currently holds two jobs, and is working on getting herself and her children back on their feet. She realizes that soon she may be ready to move out, but until then, Alexander said she will follow her own advice and “Keep on pushing.”


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