Internship Insights

Internship Insights

Hello everyone! We are the new Public Relations/Special Event interns for Opportunity House who will be working on projects involving OppShop and upcoming special events. Over the course of this semester we will be writing about our time here and what we learn along the way in hopes of helping future interns. Here is a little bit about us:

My name is Erin. I am currently a junior at Kutztown University studying Business Marketing with a minor in Public Relations. I am a Media maven, Delaware native who loves the beach, country music concerts and meeting new people. I chose my major because I enjoy making connections, working with others, spreading awareness and being creative. With high hopes of working as a future Public Relations Practitioner, I chose to jump right into the nonprofit world and intern with an admirable organization – Opportunity House! Over the 14 weeks of the semester, I will be actively working to spread awareness about our new retail store, OppShop, to college students and younger age groups of Any questions? Just ask!

My name is Elaine. I’m a Kutztown University junior, majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Public Relations. I grew up in York, Pennsylvania. I love books, writing, music and traveling (when possible). I am super excited to be interning with Opportunity House! I am in my fourth week of interning, and I am currently working on reaching out to the local community, specifically senior citizens, to bring attention to OppShop. I chose my major and minor because I am hoping to enter the special event planning world when I graduate. I would love to help spread the word about all the creative and wonderful things people do in this world. A big part of event planning is communicating and connecting with the surrounding community. Through my work at Opportunity House I will gain invaluable skills I can apply to my future career and goals. If you have questions, let me know!

We are excited to have you all follow us on this journey! Throughout the semester we are hoping to put together multiple posts for this blog in order to keep you up to date with current events and provide insights on our time here at Opportunity House. We are so thankful for the chance to work for such a remarkable organization that works tirelessly to provide great opportunities and give back to their community.


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