Opportunity House Senior Resident Val

Senior Resident Val D and her family

Opportunity House Senior Resident Val and her family

Meet Opportunity House Senior Resident Val 

A senior resident is a person who was a client of the Opportunity House Shelter and now lives in permanent housing.  He serves as a model to current shelter clients to encourage them on their journey to becoming stably housed.

Why and when did you originally come to Opportunity House? I was caring for my mother at her home.  After she passed by step father said we had to move.

What motivated you to make changes in your life? My kids depend on me. I don’t ever want them to have to go through that again and I don’t ever want to go through that again.  I know I always have to be responsible to keep a roof over us.

How did you feel when you found permanent housing?  Happy. I love the independence of doing things when I want to do them as compared to the necessary structure of life at the shelter.

How has staying connected to Opportunity House helped you with your goals? Opportunity House is like my family. You want to make your family proud.  I want to do good for them.

Read Opportunity House Senior Resident Val’s story here.  



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