RACCy Olympics Partners with Opportunity House

RACCy Olympics

Every year, Reading Area Community College, otherwise known as RACC, holds RACCy Olympics in order to raise money for a local organization. The idea behind RACCy Olympics is to “learn through service” and assist the college’s local community “through fundraising efforts.”

In accordance with every prior year, RACC has chosen to partner with Opportunity House for 2016-17. Opportunity House, which was founded in Reading, PA in November 1984, lives by the credo of improving the quality of life for people of every age who are facing obstacles in independent living, including a program specifically for veterans. Last year alone, we helped 385 veterans and their families (209 total households).

This year when choosing the organization that would benefit from the funds raised by the RACCy Olympics, Danielle, a student and the President of the Student Government Association Student Life and Assistant Work/Study persuaded other students to vote for Opportunity House. Being a veteran herself she relates to our SSVF program. Regarding her connection to Opportunity House she stated, “Opportunity House loves all people and puts an extra emphasis on veterans”, she says this in response to why Opportunity House was chosen. “As a young female veteran, I have fallen upon hard times quite a few times myself, so I know how much that support could mean for a veteran. The fact that Opportunity House is open to all civilian veterans, male, female…it just made them an even better choice to be the recipient of this year’s funds raised by RACCy Olympics.”

Specifically, the monetary donations of this year’s RACCy Olympics will be going to provide services to Opportunity House’s clients. Those services include their shelter, Second Street Learning Center, Children’s Alliance Center, Veterans Programs, and their Reuse and Recycle Program.

Ultimately, by partnering with Opportunity House, RACCy Olympics will be helping the local nonprofit organization to continue in its efforts to accommodate the people of Reading’s residential needs. This will be RACC’s 7th year of partaking in the unique fundraising and service learning program. by: Emily Weaver, Albright College


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