What Opportunity House Does for Vets

The world had seemingly given up on Scott, a Navy veteran. But with your help, this vet built a new life from scratch: a rewarding job, his own little place, and a meaningful, productive life.

After a normal life and 20 years of full-time employment in warehouse work, I’d lost my job. It was only a matter of time before I was evicted from my place. So I made the trip from Hamburg to Opportunity House. It was sad, but I knew I had to be prepared.

At Opportunity House, I met with a case manager who works with vets. She told me that the Veterans Program could help, and to come back when it was time. Five months later, I did come back — with two bags of clothing and a few personal items. I’d been in the hospital only four days before, and when I was released I had nowhere to go. The program tied me in with Veterans Affairs and services I didn’t know I was entitled to. I got everything I needed — a place to sleep, meals, and eventually permanent housing. A month later, Opportunity House hired me full-time to scan the books it sells online, through its reuse and recycle program. At that time, there were nearly a million books to be scanned!

I lost that job after seven weeks — because I was promoted to manager of online book sales. So, I don’t scan books anymore — I sell them. It’s a perfect job for a reader like me. This place opened up a whole new life for me — a better life. I’m thankful for this place, and for the community support that makes what they do possible.


Ending A Vicious Cycle of Abuse and Homelessness

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