Donate To Charity Projects

If you plan to donate to charity projects in the area, we at Opportunity House request your consideration. We accept gifts of money, time, and items as we provide the homeless emergency and supportive services. 

Maximize the Effect of Your Donation

Donate To Charity ProjectsIn addition to helping the homeless secure and maintain housing, Opportunity House provides the community access to early childhood education and childcare through the Second Street Learning Center, a recycle/reuse program through OppShop and our warehouse, a community garden, and more. 

Nearly 500 homeless men, women, and children find housing with us annually. During their stay, we provide daily meals and snacks, laundry and shower access, toiletries and other essentials, and supportive services overseen by a dedicated case manager.

We aim to provide clients the assistance they need to secure and maintain housing. These services may include:

  • Help to secure identification and licensing
  • Access to medical care, mental health care, and alcohol and substance abuse treatment
  • Childcare through the early education program at the Second Street Learning Center
  • Educational and job search coaching

Multiple Ways to Donate to Opportunity House

Opportunity House relies on many sources for financial support, including the kindness of people like you to pursue our mission of helping the homeless. 

Financial donations provide the most direct assistance for the shelter, and we rely on grants and corporate and private monetary contributions. Donate online on a recurring or one-time basis, write a check, attend a fundraiser, shop at OppShop, or drop off a cash donation. Your gift can be made to honor a loved one, in recognition of a milestone, and anonymously. 

We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, so your gifts of money or items may be tax deductible. Please request the appropriate forms, and check with your tax professional regarding the tax advantages. 

Gifts of items are always welcome at Opportunity House. We supply residents with essential needs. We’re always grateful when kind citizens drop off new and unopened socks, undergarments, toiletries, feminine hygiene and bladder control products, laundry products, and bottled water.

Opportunity House operates OppShop, a retail thrift store, to promote our mission. This endeavor resells various merchandise, including clothing, furniture, media, books, shoes, purses and bags, jewelry, household goods, and more. Any merchandise not sold in the thrift store is recycled through our warehouse. 

Donating these items is simple. We have multiple bins throughout the county where you can leave clothing, shoes, media, and books in grocery-sized bags. We also have a designated drop-off point behind the thrift store and an open schedule where we welcome appointments for home pickup of large items. When you donate, please consider the value of the items; we need to resell them, so they should be in good condition – clean and gently worn.

Donations of time are another way to give to Opportunity House. Another pair of hands is always helpful, whether you’d like to serve on a fundraiser committee, provide a day of service, cook and serve a meal, stock products at OppShop, or create welcome kits for incoming clients at the shelter.

Spread kindness when you donate to charity projects like Opportunity House. The benefits spread from individuals to the community as we strive to help the homeless return to safe, stable and secure housing.