Homeless Shelter Volunteering Reading, PA

Incorporate meaning in your life by giving to others. Volunteering at a homeless shelter is one of the most charitable actions you can undertake, and in Reading, PA, Opportunity House has no shortage of volunteer roles available.

The Work of Opportunity House

Homeless Shelter Volunteering Reading, PAIf you’re looking for volunteer opportunities worthy of your time, it’s helpful to understand the mission of the organizations seeking volunteers. Opportunity House’s mission is to empower individuals to improve their lives by providing security, stability, safety, and community.

Founded in 1984 as an emergency shelter for men, Opportunity House serves men, women, and families who find themselves homeless and without shelter. We provide meals, childcare, counseling, a food pantry, and access to healthcare and other services.

 Feeling Good About Helping Others

Mental and Physical Health

Relationships and community are integral to good mental and physical health. When you give to your community and interact with clients and other volunteers, you’ll strengthen your sense of belonging – all beneficial to your health. If you don’t believe us, reach out to volunteer your time and see for yourself! One of the quickest ways to fill your cup is to fill the cup of others.

Acceptance and Compassion

Helping someone in need is rewarding. Understanding their circumstances can be challenging. Every individual has their own story. By volunteering with the homeless, you can see for yourself that people are people and that being homeless is a circumstance in which we’re all vulnerable. Develop compassion for others by serving the homeless, learning their stories, and providing aid.

Volunteer Opportunities with Opportunity House

Opportunity House offers many opportunities for volunteer experiences. We can work with your schedule, your skills, and your preferences to find the perfect volunteer option for you.

Meal Service

This volunteer opportunity allows you to gather a small group from your church, social club, place of employment, or friendship circle to  serve a meal at the Opportunity House shelter. You choose the date, plan the meal, and deliver the food. You can drop off the meal at the shelter, or your group can prepare and serve the meal using our full-service kitchen.

Committee Service

Are you a talented planner? Make use of any experience you have in event planning and management by joining the committee for one of Opportunity House’s yearly fundraising events:

  • Souper Bowl
  • Wine, Women, and Shoes
  • Golf Outing
  • Garden Party

Plan a Day of Service

The work at Opportunity House is never done. From serving meals to caring for the community garden, cleaning, landscaping, sorting donations, etc., tasks large and small await your service. Reach out to arrange a day for you as an individual or as part of a small group to serve. Opportunity House can create a meaningful and unique experience for your team.

OppShop Service

To fund the various missions of Opportunity House, we operate a thrift store, OppShop. Volunteer here to help sort and/or stock the donated items we receive. All proceeds go toward the operations and services we provide.

Volunteering at a homeless shelter can take many forms, especially when you choose to give your time to Opportunity House in Reading, PA. We welcome you to join our loyal group of volunteers. Learn more today by following this link.