Resources for Homeless Veterans

Opportunity House provides the homeless Veterans of Berks County, PA, resources, including emergency shelter and supportive services designed to help them secure permanent housing.

Assistance for Homeless Veterans

Resources for Homeless VeteransHomelessness among Veterans is particularly problematic for a few reasons. Not only is the group at greater risk of finding themselves without permanent housing but Veterans are also owed a greater debt from society. 

The prevalence of homelessness among the community of Veterans shouldn’t be surprising. Mental health and physical injuries, substance and drug abuse, and the difficulties of resuming everyday daily life after service all play a role in the issue.

Veterans Find Shelter at Opportunity House

Opportunity House provides Veterans and other homeless men, women, and children with shelter 24/7. Residents of the shelter receive three meals and a snack each day, access to shower and laundry facilities, hygiene and self-care essentials, and case management to target services that help achieve stable, permanent housing.

Help Us Help Homeless Veterans

Providing these services isn’t possible without support from financial donors and volunteers. 

Financial support for Opportunity House comes from many sources. Corporate donations, government grants, private donations, fundraising activities, and OppShop profits all go toward the mission of helping the homeless population, including homeless Veterans.

If you’d like to donate with a monetary gift, the most direct method is to click here. You may also send a check or participate in a fundraiser. Rest assured that the money you send us will be spent thoughtfully and strategically to pursue our mission of ending homelessness. 

To support the cause by donating items, consider bringing new items we regularly use at the shelter. These specific items include undergarments of all sorts (underwear, tee shirts, sports bras, socks); toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, dental hygiene items, soap, lotion); tools for grooming hair and nails; washcloths and towels; bedding; tampons and maxi pads, bladder control pads and diapers; baby items; bottled water; and laundry detergent. 

Our most pressing needs may vary from day to day, but a quick call to the shelter will allow you to do the most immediate good with your gift.

Another way you can help Opportunity House is by supporting OppShop with donations of gently used items. We stock these items in the retail thrift store and allow Opportunity House residents to select needed items. 

We welcome donations of clean, gently worn clothing, media, kitchen goods, holiday and seasonal decor, furniture, jewelry, purses, shoes, flat-screen televisions, toys, etc. If you’d like to donate, you can bring items to the drop-off at the donation center behind OppShop, bring them to one of the many donation bins around the county, or schedule a pickup for bulky furniture.

Without volunteers, Opportunity House could not maximize our mission. An extra pair of hands is always helpful, and we offer opportunities for church groups, student organizations, and civic-minded clubs to contribute to community service. From meal prep and service to committee service, fundraiser service, stocking merchandise, and greeting customers at OppShop, the work of Opportunity House is never done. 

Be part of the solution for homeless Veterans by helping Opportunity House provide resources to shelter and support them as they overcome homelessness.