Thrift Store Donations Near Me

If the urge to purge excess possessions has overtaken you, searching for thrift store donations “near me” will provide several possibilities. If you choose Opportunity House’s Opp Shop, you’ll accomplish much more than cleaning out a few closets. 

What is OppShop?

Thrift Store Donations Near MeOpportunity House is the leading emergency shelter serving the homeless population of Berks County, PA. The shelter operates 24/7/365, providing the basic necessities and case management services to help residents overcome the obstacles preventing them from being permanently housed.

OppShop is a retail thrift store operated by and on behalf of Opportunity House. All proceeds from OppShop go to support Opportunity House’s mission. The thrift store is a method we use to raise funds, but that’s not all. This program also allows us to provide reuse/recycling services and low-cost items for the community.

Items that don’t sell at OppShop travel through our warehouse for recycling. We work with a network of professional recyclers, handling 700,000 pounds of recycled goods annually.

How can donations be made to OppShop?

OppShop welcomes donations of saleable items that are in good condition. Items with visible wear, staining, or damage can’t be sold in the thrift store and take resources away from Opportunity House due to the cost of disposing of them.

When you’re ready to donate, you have three convenient options:

  1. Deliver your donated items to the donation center at the rear of the thrift store on 5th Street Highway in Reading. Our staff will help you unload the items.
  2. Pack your items inside grocery-sized bags, and place them inside one of the many donation bins scattered throughout the county. Bin donations may include DVDs, CDs, books, clothing, and shoes. We ask that you respect the area around the bin, ensure all donations fit within the bin, and leave the area around it clean.
  3. Schedule a pickup of bulky items like furniture; you should check first to ascertain whether the donation is suitable. 

What items can be donated?

OppShop can accept and resell men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing; CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs; kitchen utensils and cutlery; dishware and cookware; holiday and seasonal decor and items; furnishings; jewelry; flatscreen TVs; purses and bags; shoes; and toys.

Items that can’t be donated include:

  • Chemicals
  • Older model console televisions and stereos
  • Copy machines
  • Building supplies
  • Infant and toddler furniture
  • Computer monitors
  • Office chairs with four or fewer wheels
  • Carpets
  • Tires

Why should you shop with OppShop?

Significant savings on life’s essentials are possible when you shop with OppShop. From clothes for fast-growing children to holiday decor for all seasons and reading material for the family bookworm, why pay retail? 

OppShop welcomes volunteers. We could always use a friendly face to greet customers and extra hands to stock shelves and sort merchandise. 

Alternative ways to help Opportunity House include providing a day of service, preparing and serving a meal, assisting in the community garden, or serving on a fundraising event planning committee.

Whether you have donations or love thrift shopping, OppShop is a retail store “near me” for the Berks County, PA community. More than just a place to shop or get rid of items you no longer want, OppShop is a way to help your community’s homeless population by supporting the work of Opportunity House