Thrift Store Drop-Off Donation Center Mohnton, PA

A regular household purge of unwanted items is more than just a great way to keep clutter to a minimum. It’s also a way to help the homeless population when you donate these goods to OppShop, the retail thrift store operated for the benefit of Opportunity House. Bring your items to our donation bins, including the one at Allegheny Evangelical Lutheran Church on Allegheny Road in Mohnton, PA, or the drop-off behind the OppShop thrift store.

Opportunity House – Deserving of Support

Thrift Store Drop-Off Donation Center Mohnton, PAWe at Opportunity House offer emergency shelter, around the clock, to the homeless men, women, and children of Berks County. We provide the following services for our residents:

  • Three meals and a snack daily
  • Access to shower services
  • Access to laundry services
  • Basics of hygiene and self-care
  • Vouchers to shop for necessities at OppShop
  • Case management services to identify and overcome individual issues faced by residents
  • Transitional and permanent housing paired with supportive services
  • Early childhood learning through the Second Street Learning Center
  • Reuse/Recycle program through OppShop and our warehouse.

Our extensive array of services and programs dictate a need for numerous sources of funding, volunteerism, and generous donations of items. We accept financial help from a wide range of avenues, including individuals, companies, and grants; we hold fundraising events frequently; and we operate OppShop, from which all of the proceeds go toward the mission of Opportunity House.

OppShop – Deserving of Your Patronage

Does thrift store shopping make you cringe? If so, you’re probably picturing a dirty, unorganized shop that smells bad and has few good finds. That’s the antithesis of OppShop! We operate a clean, well-organized retail thrift store with gently used, unstained, unbroken items in working condition. 

With the level of items and our low prices, you’d be missing out on a genuinely budget-friendly solution to the high prices caused by inflation. Shop the clothing, media, children’s toys, and household goods we offer when you need particular items or some regret-free retail therapy.

Shopping with OppShop is an environmentally friendly choice. Thrifting prevents additional items from landing in the area dump and avoids the resource expenditure of creating new items you would purchase instead.

Perhaps the most significant reason to shop with OppShop is the ability to do good with your dollars. Every item you buy from us helps support our mission to help the homeless.

OppShop – Deserving of Your Donation

The donations made to OppShop also do good in supporting the shelter and providing a source of appropriate clothing for shelter residents. 

How to donate?

  • Bring gently used items to the donation center behind the thrift store. (Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10:00 am-6:00 am)
  • Drop off clothing, books, shoes, DVDs, and CDs in the donation bins found throughout Berks County. 
  • Schedule a pickup for large furniture items, book a time online, or by calling (484) 957-3861.

Items accepted for donation include clothing, shoes, accessories, purses, bags, arts and crafts, books, CDs, DVDs, computer equipment excluding monitors, kitchenware of all types, holiday decor, furniture, toys, sporting equipment, etc. All items donated should be clean, in working condition, unbroken, untorn, unstained, and ready for sale. We, unfortunately, can’t divert resources to get rid of items that will not sell within the thrift store environment.

Bring any of these items from your garage, attic, or closet in Mohnton, PA, to the OppShop thrift store drop-off donation center located at the rear of the store to help Opportunity House do more good while decluttering your own spaces.