Volunteer Opportunities Near Sinking Spring, PA

If you’re looking for ways to contribute to a better world, consider volunteer opportunities with Opportunity House near Sinking Spring, PA

Volunteering with Opportunity House can be a manageable venture. Your time spent volunteering with us can be quite joyful and helpful in skill development, even as you help the most vulnerable people in our community. 

Volunteer Opportunities Near Sinking Spring, PABefore assuming that you need more time or ability, reach out to Opportunity House to discuss our various volunteer roles, and we will create one for you if you need more time or ability. Our work never ends, and we can always use an extra hand.

Put Your Skills to Good Use

Opportunity House’s outreach extends well beyond a structure with places for homeless men, women, and children to rest. We seek volunteers to help out in all sorts of areas:

  • Meal Service – sign up to prepare and serve one of the three meals or snacks we serve daily;
  • Days of Service – cleaning tasks, maintenance, gardening, welcome kits, and other regular chores need to be performed regularly, providing you the opportunity to use your skills and develop new ones;
  • Thrift Store Volunteers – the OppShop retail thrift store requires volunteers to greet customers, display merchandise, and sort donations. The proceeds of the thrift store go toward the work of Opportunity House, and residents benefit from the availability of appropriate clothing. 
  • Volunteer for an Opportunity House Fundraiser – To raise funds for Opportunity House, we hold several annual fundraisers, including Wine, Women, and Shoes; the Souper Bowl; and the Golf Outing. To host these events, we require volunteers for planning committee service, organizing, and service. 

Volunteering with Little Available Time

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a regular commitment, no worries. We welcome your assistance as frequently as you’re able to provide it. 

A one-time volunteering experience is a way to dip your toe into the world of volunteering to gain experience and comfort. Before committing to a single role long-term, you can try various roles to find the one you prefer.

If you decide to volunteer long term, at Opportunity House or elsewhere, the experience can be instructive and help develop social skills, make connections within the organization, and be more effective in your support. 

Suggestions for Volunteering Experiences

When you plan to volunteer at Opportunity House, remember a few keys to a successful experience. Above all, you should arrive on time and dress suitably. Wear practical clothing that allows for movement; you shouldn’t overdress or wear clothing that will inhibit the tasks you’re here to perform. 

Come with an expectation of dealing with the public. Every resident you meet will be different, and you’ll need to address them with compassion and respect. 

Other Ways to Help

Every day you can serve at Opportunity House benefits members of the homeless population. However, if you lack more free time, you can still help by donating directly or shopping at OppShop, our retail thrift store.

Looking for ways to do good through volunteer opportunities near Sinking Spring, PA? Sign up to volunteer with Opportunity House by following this link, and soon you’ll discover the good that comes from helping others.