Volunteer Opportunities Near Temple, PA

Homelessness can affect any of us at any time, even if we don’t care to believe it. Express your compassion through volunteer opportunities at Opportunity House near Temple, PA. 

Clearing Up Misconceptions

Volunteer Opportunities Near Temple, PA

Volunteer Opportunities Near Temple, PA

The misconceptions about homelessness are relatively extensive. One of the most prevalent is that people experiencing homelessness somehow brought the situation on themselves through poor choices, drug abuse, laziness, and other character faults.

The truth is that the reasons homeless individuals are without homes are as varied as the individuals. Judging without understanding does nothing about the situation and causes damage by buying into misconceptions. Developing empathy and kindness are benefits that volunteers gain when they offer their time to Opportunity House.

Various Causes of Homelessness

  • Poverty
  • Inadequate income for housing and other essentials
  • Lack of childcare
  • Domestic abuse
  • Loss of home due to roommate or family problems
  • Mental health issues
  • Substance abuse or alcoholism
  • A recent release from prison or military service
  • PTSD from military service or other trauma. 

Homelessness doesn’t affect any single race, gender, or age. People from all walks of life are homeless, even children. Being homeless comes with risks and vulnerabilities to health and safety, which make the services provided by shelters like Opportunity House so important.

Opportunity House’s Mission

Opportunity House is a shelter for the homeless men, women, and children of Berks County, PA. We serve an average of 500 residents annually – providing 24/7 emergency shelter, three meals and a snack daily, access to shower and laundry facilities, and case management services. 

We provide support to help the homeless return to sustained housing by identifying and securing appropriate services and providing temporary and permanent housing units.

As offshoots of the work at Opportunity House, we’ve developed the Second Street Learning Center, which serves 200 children aged six weeks to 13 years old each year. This Keystone 4 Star Learning Center gives the community’s children safe places to go where they find education and interaction while their parents work.

When paired with our recycling warehouse, the OppShop thrift store, our retail space provides the community with a way to reuse and recycle gently used items and a source to purchase those items at a significantly reduced price. 

We accept clothing, shoes, household goods, furniture, and other useful items in good condition for resale at the thrift store. The profits go toward Opportunity House; any items that do not sell are recycled through our warehouse and recycling partners worldwide. We recycle 700,000 pounds each year.

The Volunteer Needs of Opportunity House

Opportunity House routinely needs the assistance of volunteers. From creating welcome kits to serving on fundraiser committees, preparing and serving meals, and a host of other regular tasks, volunteers will find a way to make a difference. Put kindness into action with Opportunity House.

Bring yourself alone or your church, school, or civic organization to help with our mission. If a lack of time prevents volunteering, we also welcome support through financial donations, new item donations for the shelter, and gently used items for sale at the thrift store.

If you’re ready to make a short- or long-term commitment as a volunteer, sign up for opportunities near Temple, PA, that will support the mission of Opportunity House.