Volunteer Opportunities Near Tuckerton, PA

Of all the volunteer opportunities near Tuckerton, PA, none allows you to directly help the most vulnerable among us, like at Opportunity House

Opportunity House has been an emergency shelter in Reading, PA, since 1984. We provide shelter, food, clothing, essentials, and support for homeless men, women, children, and Veterans. We serve 500 clients each year – providing a safe space to rest, three meals and a snack each day, access to facilities for doing laundry and getting a shower, and all the other essentials of life.

Volunteer Opportunities Near Tuckerton, PAThe case management services we provide support clients as they walk toward sustained housing. Whether clients need ID, job training, education, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, or other care, we identify the need and procure access. Our ultimate goal is to help clients secure and maintain housing, and we offer transitional and permanent housing units and supportive services. 

As offshoots of the Opportunity House emergency shelter, we provide childcare and learning through the Second Street Learning Center and reuse and recycle services through the OppShop retail thrift store and recycling warehouse. 

The Need for Volunteers

Opportunity House relies on our supporters to continue our efforts. Donations of money and time keep our wheels spinning, so volunteer efforts are always welcome. 

Preparing and serving meals, composing welcome kits, cleaning and maintaining the facility, and simply conversing with clients are just a few ways volunteers can support the work of Opportunity House. The work is never done, and we’re grateful for the help.

Reasons to Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

Situations that lead to homelessness vary, and we’re all subject to the potential of becoming without housing ourselves. Military service, incarceration, poverty, lack of child care, mental health issues, job loss, medical problems, domestic violence, and other situations can lead to homelessness. Plant a seed of empathy within yourself by volunteering with Opportunity House.

No matter the cause of homelessness, every man, woman, and child should have a secure sleeping space, food, and essential care. We offer a second chance and supportive services to help secure and keep housing. When you help Opportunity House, you’re helping those who need help recovering from a situation we all could face. 

In addition to the knowledge that you’ve helped others, volunteering with Opportunity House allows you to build valuable skills from cooking to cleaning, painting, gardening, and even improving social skills.

Here at Opportunity House, roles for volunteers abound. If you don’t find a prescribed volunteer role that suits your fancy, we’ll be happy to arrange for one that works with your schedule, skills, and preferences. Volunteer with us on a one-time basis or as a recurring helper. 

Typical Volunteer Roles at Opportunity House

  • Prepare and serve a meal at the shelter
  • Provide a day of service or sign up for the regular provision of services
  • Serve on a fundraiser committee for planning, organizing, and executing plans
  • Volunteer at OppShop thrift store or the warehouse. 

Opportunity House provides volunteer opportunities for those near Tuckerton, PA, who want to help their community and themselves—interested in becoming a volunteer? Click here to sign up and help us continue the legacy of improving the lot of the homeless population in the area.