Ways To Donate To Charities In Berks County, PA

Opportunity House, one of the leading charities in Berks County, PA, offers many ways to donate toward the work’s mission. We welcome financial donations, donations of used and new items, and donations of time through volunteer efforts. 

The Work of Opportunity House

Ways To Donate To Charities In Berks County, PAOpportunity House’s doors initially opened in 1984 as a source of shelter for the homeless population of Berks County. Each year, we serve about five hundred men, women, and children who are experiencing homelessness. 

In addition to emergency shelter, Opportunity House provides temporary and permanent shelter, case management, supportive services, early childhood education through the Second Street Learning Center and a reuse/recycling program through OppShop and our recycling warehouse.

The various services and programs set in motion through Opportunity House need support and resources, needs that we meet through grants, donations from individuals and companies, and fundraisers.

Identifying a Direction for Your Charitable Giving

If you have a limited budget for charitable donations, you should exercise caution in selecting the recipient organization. The ideal charity should be one like Opportunity House, with a proven track record of achievements and a system that directs a substantial portion of the contributions towards furthering its mission.

When you give to Opportunity House, your donation goes toward the people of your community. Every dollar will be directed toward the shelter and support of the homeless population as individuals find their way to secure and sustained housing.

Different Forms of Donations

Opportunity House welcomes all sorts of donations. To donate online, click here. You may donate anonymously, in honor of a special person or milestone event, on a one-time basis, or as a recurring gift. You can also contribute via check, credit card, or cash, through the mail or at the shelter, or you can participate in one of our annual fundraisers. 

Alternative ways to donate to Opportunity House include gifts of items, used and new, and gifts of time.

Donating supplies to Opportunity House – Bring new, unopened products that fall within the categories of goods that we use frequently. We typically welcome gifts of underclothes, sports bras, baby items, feminine hygiene and bladder control products, linens, towels and washcloths, toiletries, laundry soap, and bottled water. For a current list of our needs, give us a call.

Donating items to OppShop – Gently used items from your home or storage are welcome for resale at OppShop, our retail thrift store. We sell these goods, offer items from the inventory to our residents when they need appropriate attire, and recycle the products that fail to sell. 

Donating your time through volunteering with Opportunity House is another way to give charitably. Typical ways that volunteers spend their time with us include preparing and serving a meal at the shelter; providing a day of service landscaping, working in the community garden, or fulfilling other general needs of the shelter; serving on a committee for fundraiser events or helping during the event; and sorting/stocking at OppShop.

Opportunity House, one of the leading charities in Berks County, PA, welcomes assistance through multiple ways to donate. If you’re looking for measures that allow you to do good, you won’t find a better avenue than donating money, items, or time to Opportunity House.