Opportunity House Core Values Champion: James and Frank

James Core Values Champion
Frank Core Values Champion

Thank you James  (left)  and Frank (right) for demonstrating our Core Values in your work at OppShop.  We appreciate your dedication and commitment to helping others each day.

Name: James and Frank

Title:  OppShop team members

Core Value Demonstrated: #6 We are committed to helping others.

Living our core values: Opportunity House/OppShop has experienced increased requests for pick ups of donated items. We are grateful to have so many people who support our work by donating household items like furniture, kitchen sets, bedroom sets, and larger items. Frank and James are part of the team who helps unload pick ups from our trucks.

At OppShop, customers frequently request delivery of their large/oversize purchases.  Because of the busy schedule, customers were experiencing delays in deliveries.  We offer this delivery service in Berks County for $25.  We needed a solution to keep our customers happy. 

A few weeks ago, we realized that our box truck is available on Fridays to provide an opportunity to schedule additional deliveries.  Frank and James agreed to change their schedules to start earlier and add these deliveries to their schedule. Thanks to their flexibility, we were able to get an additional 12 deliveries in just two weeks. Our customers were happy that they had their purchases more quickly.

Thanks to both Frank and James for your willingness to pitch in and help out where it was needed.  We appreciate it and our customers and donors to OppShop appreciate your help.

To request a pick up of large household items like bedroom sets, kitchen sets, chairs, sofas, appliances in good working order, please call 484-957-3861.  

OppShop is located at 3045 5th Street Highway, Temple.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.  Donations are accepted at the rear of the store during business hours.

More About Opportunity House

Embracing Sustainability at Opportunity House

Sustainability is a core principle that drives Opportunity House’s actions. Our Reuse and Recycle initiative stands as proof of our dedication to shrinking our environmental impact. By redirecting over 1,000,000 pounds of waste from landfills, we play our part in fostering a cleaner and more eco-friendly planet.

When you step into OppShop, our thrift store located at 3045 N. 5th Street Highway in Muhlenberg, you’re in for an exceptional experience. The store offers an array of gently used clothing for the whole family, as well as furniture, housewares, bakeware, and small appliances – all eagerly waiting to discover new homes. And guess what? Every single purchase at OppShop contributes directly to our homeless programs. This means you’re not only getting something wonderful for yourself, but you’re also lending a hand to those in need, including homeless veterans in Berks County.

The strength of Opportunity House comes from the combined efforts of the individuals, communities, and partners who share a belief in the potential of positive change. We invite you to be part of our journey in crafting a brighter, more compassionate future for everyone. Your support, whether it comes from shopping at OppShop, volunteering your time, or spreading awareness, is an investment in the lives of those we’re dedicated to assisting. Together, we can continue to reshape narratives, instill hope, and leave a lasting mark on the lives of individuals and families right here in Reading, PA.



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