Opportunity House Core Values Champion: Julia

Core Values Champion Julia


Celebrating Julia, our Core Value Champion for Opportunity House. Each day these individuals demonstrate the core values in their work.

Name: Julia 

Title: Program Director, S.M.I.L.E.

Core Value Demonstrated: #4 Guided by the spirit of making an impact


Living our core values:  Her are some of the many ways Julia shines as an example of living our core values:

  • She is passionate about helping clients succeed and leave the shelter.  She works long hours interacting with clients to encourage and support them on their journey.  Sometime it’s  a listening ear, another time it’s helping them understand their next steps to give them confidence that better days are ahead.
  • She welcomes external resources to engage with our clients.  She welcomes community resources and professionals who can help our clients achieve their goal of becoming stably housed.
  • She leverages connections that she has and those of others to benefit our clients.  Examples include Berks Latino Workforce Development Corporation and Chris Spohn at Reading High School.

  • She’s an eternal optimist who believes that everyone deserves a better life.
More About Opportunity House

Embracing Sustainability at Opportunity House

Sustainability is a core principle that drives Opportunity House’s actions. Our Reuse and Recycle initiative stands as proof of our dedication to shrinking our environmental impact. By redirecting over 1,000,000 pounds of waste from landfills, we play our part in fostering a cleaner and more eco-friendly planet.

When you step into OppShop, our thrift store located at 3045 N. 5th Street Highway in Muhlenberg, you’re in for an exceptional experience. The store offers an array of gently used clothing for the whole family, as well as furniture, housewares, bakeware, and small appliances – all eagerly waiting to discover new homes. And guess what? Every single purchase at OppShop contributes directly to our homeless programs. This means you’re not only getting something wonderful for yourself, but you’re also lending a hand to those in need, including homeless veterans in Berks County.

The strength of Opportunity House comes from the combined efforts of the individuals, communities, and partners who share a belief in the potential of positive change. We invite you to be part of our journey in crafting a brighter, more compassionate future for everyone. Your support, whether it comes from shopping at OppShop, volunteering your time, or spreading awareness, is an investment in the lives of those we’re dedicated to assisting. Together, we can continue to reshape narratives, instill hope, and leave a lasting mark on the lives of individuals and families right here in Reading, PA.



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