Opportunity House Core Values Champion: Kim

Core Values Champ Kim R

Celebrating Kim, our Core Value Champion for OppShop. Each day Kim demonstrates the core values in her work at OppShop.

Name: Kim

Title: OppShop Assistant Manager

Core Value Demonstrated: #4 We are guided by the spirit of making an impact

Living our core values:  Here are a few examples that make Kim worthy of this recognition:

  • Kim listens to understand.  She asks questions about the marketing materials to get a greater understanding of how and why we are marketing the OppShop.
  • Kim does a great job of keeping the marketing materials at OppShop updated and current.
  • Kim offers helpful suggestions on how to improve the customer experience.  For example, she suggested creating a handout so customers are well aware of our furniture policy. This prevents people from trying to return items.  She reviewed the piece to be sure it met her needs.
  • PA Work Wear.  Kim has gotten compliments from the PA Work Wear team on how she helps client and how she has improved communications with the referral sources.
  • Kim coordinated and executed the videos of OppShop employees.   She made it happen in spite of the busy customer deliveries that happen each day. She kept her word and made it happen.
  • Kim suggested keeping all of the marketing materials in the office to keep them handy and accessible.  She is excited about seeing the growth in sales at OppShop.

OppShop is located at 3045 5th Street Highway, Muhlenberg Township.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.  Donations are accepted during business hours at the rear of the store.

More About Opportunity House

Discover the Heart of Compassion in Reading, PA at Opportunity House — a beacon of hope and care for the homeless. Since its inception in 1984, Opportunity House has stood as a pillar of support for the most vulnerable members of our community, offering a safe haven for men, women, children, families, and veterans. Our mission is rooted in providing not just emergency shelter, but also temporary housing, and crucial pathways to supportive and permanent residences throughout Berks County, PA.

But our impact doesn’t end with shelter. We embrace the future by nurturing young minds through our Keystone 4 Star quality early learning programs at the Second Street Learning Center. From infants as young as 6 weeks old to children up to 13 years, our year-round center offers a holistic educational experience. We believe in creating a foundation for success, including after-school care, engaging summer camps, and invaluable social-emotional support, shaping a brighter tomorrow for the children in our community.

A commitment to sustainability also courses through Opportunity House’s veins. Through our Reuse and Recycle program, we’re proud to divert over 1,000,000 pounds of waste away from landfills—an eco-conscious step that resonates with our broader dedication to making a positive impact. Speaking of which, meet OppShop—our retail thrift haven located at 3045 N. 5th Street Highway in Muhlenberg. Explore our diverse collection of gently used clothing for the entire family, alongside furniture, housewares, bakeware, and small appliances—all essentials ready to find a new home.

The best part? Every purchase at OppShop echoes in the lives we touch. All proceeds contribute directly to the programs that uplift the homeless, including those who have valiantly served our country—homeless veterans in Berks County. With every item you bring home, you become an agent of change, a supporter of progress, and a partner in the journey toward a stronger, more compassionate community. Join hands with Opportunity House as we rewrite stories, create futures, and weave a tapestry of care and hope for all.


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