Donor Spotlight: Carole Neag


Children from the Second Street Learning Center designed a thank you message for Carole for their new playground. Carole is pictured here with Tatiana Cordona, Assistant Director of the Second Street Learning Center.

How did you get involved with Opportunity House?

My late husband Ray and I have been involved for two decades. We were drawn to the organization when we saw what good things were being done to help adults and children in Berks County. Everything Opportunity House does – from giving people shelter to helping people get back to living on their own – is terrific work. The program for children is incredible. It’s almost unheard of that a daycare center would take kids to 19 different schools in the morning from the daycare and then pick them up afterwards. It’s a wonderful, wonderful organization.

What is your personal philosophy of giving?

When I see where there’s a need and a way to help people that can impact them not only in crisis but in a long term situation I like to help. Ray and I had the benefit of the love of our families and education, and with hard work were very fortunate to succeed, and so we feel its important to give back. It is gratifying to donate to an organization that helps people become their best selves.

Why do you keep giving to Opportunity House?

I can see the impact of what Opportunity House does and the need continues.

Thank you Carole for your support and dedication to Opportunity House!


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