Re:Creation Room Helps Clients Start Anew

When clients come to Opportunity House, they are in survival mode.  Looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, they need shelter and then a sense of safety.  Until those needs are met, they are often unable to focus on any other need or goal.

Mural63.PORTRAITThe Re:Creation room provides clients a respite from being in the survival mode.  It provides an opportunity to focus on their goals, manage stress and provide a calm place for reflection.

We asked Jo’e Simons, Re: Creation room program specialist and experienced mental health professional to explain the purpose of the  Re:Creation room.

How does the Re:Creation support the needs of clients?  The Re:Creation room provides soft skills for mind, body and spirit, in addition to offering more concrete activities such as creating a resume, applying for jobs, and preparing for interviews.

Jo'e Simons Re:creation Room program specialist

Jo’e Simons, Re:Creation Room, program specialist

What are the benefits of Re:Creation room? Some clients experience intangible benefits such as being more emotionally resilient or being emotionally supported and others experience satisfaction from more tangible things such as creating a resume, coloring a picture or applying for jobs.

 How does the Re:Creation room impact clients?  Clients feel more centered in themselves, through activities like creating art, working on puzzle, or establishing personal goals. The room is a relaxed supportive atmosphere whether that be through doing an art activity, creating and sending out a resume or simply being able to be in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere.

 How does the Re:Creation room support the overall goal of helping clients get housed?  What is done in the Re-Creation Room supports the shelter program, either directly in providing job support skills or indirectly in supporting the emotional health of our client.

 Here’s what clients say about the Re: Creation Room.Re:Creation Room tree of life and agreements

“It is peaceful.”

“Gives me a place to focus without so much noise.”

“Allows people to explore things they’ve never experienced before; discover new parts of themselves.”

“Good for me emotionally and spiritually.”

“Takes things off my mind to be down there.”

“It relaxes me when I come down.”

“I escape the chaos. It’s very tranquil.



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