Opportunity House Senior Resident John D

Opportunity House Senior Resident John DA senior resident is former client of Opportunity House Shelter and  now lives in permanent housing. He serves as a model to current shelter clients to encourage them on their journey to becoming stably housed.

Meet Opportunity House Senior Resident John D

Why and when did you originally come to Opportunity House? In 1996.  I was staying with a friend, and it wasn’t working out.  I had no place to stay.

What motivated you to make changes in your life? I needed to motivate myself. I needed to get a job and support myself.

How did you feel when you found permanent housing?  It felt great.  I was relaxed. I finally had peace-of-mind and could focus on improving myself.

How has staying connected to Opportunity House helped you with your goals? I’m able to talk to other people and staff and stay out of trouble.  It helped me stay accountable.


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