Opportunity House Senior Resident Lexi

A senior resident is a former client Opportunity House Shelter and now lives in permanent housing. He serves as a model to current shelter clients to encourage them on their journey to becoming stably housed.

Meet Opportunity House Senior Resident Lexi

When and why did you originally come to Opportunity House?  2010.  My family was in Puerto Rico.  I go out of jail and had no place to go.

What motivated you to make changes in your life?  I was sick and tired of doing the same thing.  Opportunity House helped me to do different things and make me who I am today.Opportunity House Senior Resident Lexi

How did you feel when you found permanent housing? I was very happy to get my own apartment.  Opportunity House taught me how to manage my money and be responsible.

How has staying connected to Opportunity House helped you with your goals? I stay around as a volunteer, and it help me stay on track.   I am living the way I should be living.  I am responsible for myself and others.


Our Special Window of Opportunity that Changed Her Life 

For 6-year-old Jazsmine, a window at Opportunity House looked out to a view far beyond her imagination. The window was located in a family room that housed Jazsmine’s family. She slept on the top bunk and her sister on the bottom bunk. Her mom and brother used the other set of bunk beds. Jazsmine would […]