Opportunity House Celebrates Iran’s 20th Anniversary

OHHappyAnniversary Fcbk IranName:  Iran                                                                  

Department/Job title:  Opportunity House Second Street Learning Center/ Teacher Aide                     

Years of Service:  20 years

Family:  Mother, Jessie G

5 Fun Facts About Iran

  1. Favorite food: Lasagna
  2. Favorite colors: red and blue
  3. Your dream vacation spot: Bahamas
  4. Favorite book: Books written by Stephen King
  5. Favorite season of the year: Summer

What is your idea of the perfect day off from work? Sit home, relax, and watch television.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?  Being with the kids.


Ending A Vicious Cycle of Abuse and Homelessness

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