Safe and Sound Sleep for Former Homeless Veterans

When he retired from the fast-paced world of corporate banking and leasing, Bill* made a deliberate effort to slow down.  In his words, he decided to “become a better version of myself.”  Inspired by Matthew Kelly’s  faith community and  Bill’s renewed purpose, he chose to help his fellow veterans in need. He contacted Marc Goldstein at Blankets of Hope after learning they had a program that provides complete beds to  those in need. Bill donated 6 beds for veterans.  “Our program provides the mattress, box spring, pillow, sheets and blankets for anyone in need,” said Marc Goldstein.  When Bill said he wanted to help veterans, Marc called Opportunity House.  The beds were given to Veterans who were previously homeless. It helped restore their dignity and provided an essential item for their new apartment.

Bill’s desire to help other veterans comes from three generations of Air Force service in his family.  Bill’s father served in World War II from D-Day through the Battle of the Bulge.  Bill served in the communications field in Thailand during the Vietnam War era. His son answered the call to serve after September 11, 2001, and completed a tour in Afghanistan.

beds to help formerly homeless veterans

A new bed for Veterans who are homeless

“I’ve always been a volunteer throughout my life,” noted Bill. He previously served as the president of the Mt. Penn Rotary.  Today he volunteers for Wreaths Across America and provides financial expertise to the Exeter Fire Department.  Bill gets a great sense of personal satisfaction knowing has helped others. Opportunity House helps homeless Veterans find permanent homes.  Thanks to this generous donation, veterans will have a new bed and bedding as they begin a new chapter in their lives. We are thankful to Mark Goldstein at Blankets of Hope for contacting the Veterans Program at  Opportunity House.

*We respect the wishes of our donor to remain anonymous.


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