Veteran Is Saving His Hard-Earned Money

Veteran is Saving money

Karl M.* is determined to get back on his feet. This veteran is saving his hard-earned money to secure a brighter future. 

 His life has been a series of setbacks, wrong turns, and disappointments.  That has not stopped him from wanting a better life for himself.

Kim Hartman, case manager for the Veteran Program at Opportunity House, listened to Karl and worked with him to develop a plan to become stably housed. His long-term goal is to find an apartment that he can afford on his own.

Finding an affordable apartment is a challenge. Karl is on the waiting list for several high-rise apartment buildings in Lancaster. It can take three or more years to secure an apartment.  That hasn’t deterred him from working toward his goal.  

Although Karl is in an apartment, it’s difficult for him to make ends meet. The Veteran program provided rental support for him to stay housed while he waits for more affordable housing. 

As part of the program, Kim, worked with Karl to develop a realistic budget. Thanks to the AARP program, he was able to secure part-time employment.

Kim advocated for him when his bank was charging excessive fees. Kim provided information on local food pantries to help Karl stretch his income.  Kim assisted him in creating an affordable payment plan for his utility payments.  Karl made difficult choices to create a bare-bones budget.  His goal is clear and this veteran is saving his hard-earned money for his dream of living in a safe, secure, and affordable apartment.

Today, Karl is closer to his goal.  Each week, Karl buys a money order. It’s an easy way for him to save money, he avoids bank fees, and he’s not tempted to spend it.  He gives the money order to a trustworthy accountability partner.  

Through the Veteran Programs, we’re helping clients find new ways to have the independent life they want.  Whether we’re providing job search assistance, financial support, or budgeting, our goal is to help veterans lead the life they choose.


Effective 10/1/22 Opportunity House no longer manages the Supportive Services for Veteran Families grant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  If you are a homeless Veteran in Lancaster, please dial 2-1-1 for  assistance.

*name changed to protect client confidentiality.


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