Volunteer Spotlight – Ali Pakradooni

Ali Pakradooni Volunteer picture

When Ali is not busy keeping Berks County looking fabulous at Be Mine Boutique you will often find her giving back to her community. Since her return to Berks County in 2018, Ali has supported Opportunity House by not only chairing our Wine Women & Shoes event, she also serves meals and offers up her store as a drop off site for donations throughout the year. Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Ali to talk with her about her passion for giving back.

1. What does Opportunity House mean to you? “Opportunity House is the true definition of Opportunity, not just a handout but a hand up building an equity platform giving everyone what they need to succeed.”

2. Why do you give back and volunteer? “I give because I always felt that there is an unfair number of individuals that are born into situations that they cannot change and a lot of us are given opportunities by birth, and I would like a chance to share it and not just take advantage of it.”

3. What is the short story we should be telling about Opportunity House? “How people really grow in the programs that you have and share something that has more sustainability. It really encourages everyone to see how people grow and the depths of the amount people that you serve. At the end of the day people love numbers.”

4. What makes Opportunity House different or special? “I think it is different because it does not focus on just one individual group and services all individuals in the community.”



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