Volunteer Spotlight: Leah Carter’s Family

Ten-year-old Leah Carter along with her mother Heather, contacted Opportunity House a few weeks ago about wanting to serve lunch to our residents. Each week we have generous volunteer groups come to the shelter and donate their time and energy by serving meals. However, Leah’s story is extra special.

Earlier this summer, Leah Carter and her mother had an experience with a homeless person in the Muhlenberg community that left Leah upset and concerned about this person’s well being. In order to help, Leah and her mother drove to the nearest Arby’s where they bought a meal for the man. This experience lit a fire within Leah; since that day she has been determined to make a difference in the homeless community. Leah had big plans of purchasing cheeseburgers and distributing them to those in need. In wanting to encourage and assist her daughter in her mission, Heather suggested that they serve a meal at Opportunity House. Leah was set on serving a meal at the shelter once she learned that Opportunity House assists men, women and children.

On Wednesday, July 27, Leah and her parents arrived at Opportunity House with eight pizzas to serve to our residents. As they began to arrange lunch, Leah began to feel upset and told her mother how sad she felt for those living at the shelter. Heather explained that “What she was doing was a great thing, and she can feel good knowing that the residents had one good meal that day.”

Heather Carter reflects on her afternoon serving lunch with her family: “I think the biggest lesson for Leah, and all of us, is that she is very thankful for what she has. There may be things that you want, but always be thankful for what you have because someone else has less.” Leah and her family are just one example of Opportunity House’s many volunteers who work incredibly hard to make a positive impact in our community. Opportunity House is so thankful and appreciative for the hard work of all who lend a helping hand.

Leah Carter and family

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