Welcoming Them On Their First Night At Opportunity House

Coming to Opportunity House is often the last resort for most people.  They may have been evicted from their apartment, left a relationship, have no family or friends in the area, slept in a car or outside for a period of time or overstayed their welcome with a friend or family member.

Asking for help is difficult for most people.  Coming to Opportunity House is emotional and can be scary for someone who has never been homeless.  When they knock on the door, they don’t know what to expect.  We provide the basics to make that transition from homelessness to emergency shelter less stressful for our clients.

Restoring dignity is one of the first things we can do to help clients when they arrive.  Most have a backpack or bag pexels lumn 282892with their belongings.  Many haven’t showered or had access to laundry for days.  Each client is given essential toiletries and access to the showers.  We provide clean clothing, if needed, to help them feel better about themselves.  Having sheets, a blanket and a towel/washcloth all create a sense of home and clients may choose to keep them after they leave the shelter.

Over 500 clients a year including women, children, pregnant women, disabled people, and senior citizens will walk through our doors at Opportunity House not knowing what to expect.  First impressions matter.   A clean towel, toiletries, and a shower are critical steps to building trust and restoring hope.  When clients see that you care, they know they’ve made the right decision to come to Opportunity House.  They begin their journey to becoming stably housed.  Their future will be different thanks to your support.


Veteran Breathes Easier at Opportunity House

Jim was living in Florida and enjoying the lifestyle that most dream of.  He was a very successful owner of a beach concession selling hot dogs, lemonade, soda, and other treats on the beaches of Wilber by the Sea, near Daytona Beach, Florida.  Life was good and he was enjoying the fruits of his hard […]